Cortex-A15 MM patches

Simon Horman horms at
Wed Feb 13 03:41:17 EST 2013

Hi Catalin, Hi All,

I would like to enquire about the status of two patches which I believe
were part of TC2 Evaluation Build which uses commit
7d80417ef67d51db15d5e72ac336aa6e0586014f of linaro-tracking.git.

1. ARM: LPAE: Invalidate the TLB for module addresses during translation fault

2. ARMv7: Do not clean the PTE if coherent page table walk is supported

As per the links above the patches have been posted upstream some time ago.
In the case of the first patch an alternate approach was discussed.

However, I do not see these changes upstream as of next-20120212.
I am wondering if an alternate approach has been taken upstream
or if these patches are still required upstream.


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