Devicetree node to turn off LCD when backlight is 'disabled'

Tony Prisk linux at
Mon Feb 11 01:25:05 EST 2013

I was just wondering if the following would be an acceptable way to turn
off an lcd backlight when the pwm-backlight driver is set to level 0.
The LCD backlight is 'powered' by the gpio.

leds {
	compatible = "gpio-leds";
	backlight {
		label = "lcd-power";
		gpios = <&gpio 0 0 0>;  /* bank pin active_low */
		linux,default-trigger = "backlight";
		default-state = "on";

The method has been tested by an end-user and confirmed as working - I
just wanted to check whether it is the 'accepted' way of doing it.

Tony Prisk

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