getting rid of subsys_initcall usage? (was: Re: [PATCH RESEND] i2c: designware: use module_platform_driver)

Tony Lindgren tony at
Fri Aug 30 04:27:13 EDT 2013

* zhangfei gao <zhangfei.gao at> [130829 23:36]:
> What about concerns from Wolfram:
> " Other people might be
> depending on subsys_initcall to get I2C active before they want to
> activate, say, PMICs. So, I fear regressions, since deferred probing
> might not be available in the needed places to avoid these regressions."

There should not be any reason to get a PMIC activated
early on. The system should be booting already at that point,
and the PMIC related init can be done later on.
> Is it too late using module_init for PMIC?

You can probably do it as a fix early on during the -rc
cycle too. Of course it needs to be verified to work first :)
> Besides, the deferred probing still there if depend on late registered
> pin control driver.

At least for omaps we have things working just fine with
pinctrl-single and a PMIC on I2C controller.



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