[PATCHv6 00/45] OMAP CCF DT conversion

Tero Kristo t-kristo at ti.com
Thu Aug 29 09:15:52 EDT 2013


Rather large diff from previous version, main changes:

- Rebased on top of v3.11-rc5 (+ DRA7 data + Mike's clock bindings v4)
- Clkdev code hacks replaced with a static array of clkdev entries which
  get initialized during boot based on SoC type. These arrays can be
  eventually removed once DT support for device drivers is fixed
- Devicetree documentation changes
- Split compatible + flag clock types to different clock types (e.g.
  ti,gate-clock + ti,dss-clock => ti,dss-gate-clock), flags are no longer
- Removed some unnecessary DT properties for some of the clocks (like
  DPLL has no longer clk-ref/clk-bypass / recal bit info)
- Added a couple of patch sets from Rajendra (31-33) + Nishanth (38-40) to
  the end; these are dealing with DT clock data and help to reduce code
  from mach-omap2, added also a number of patches that tweak the DT data
  based on these sets

 - Patches 31+ are only needed for cleanup purposes
 - Patches 43+ require Tony's DRA7 data pull-req to apply cleanly / work
 - Patch 37 should only be applied once legacy boot for OMAP3 can be omitted

Test branch available here:

branch: v3.11-rc5-clk-dt-v6

This branch contains:
- Tony's DRA7 data pull-request
- Mike's basic clock binding patches v4
- Couple of hacks for testing purposes
- This set

Testing done:
- AM335x-bone - boot test
- OMAP3-beagle - boot test, suspend test
- OMAP4-panda-es - boot test, suspend test
- OMAP5-sevm - boot test
- DRA7-evm - boot test


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