[PATCH v9 0/7] enable hi3xxx SoC

Haojian Zhuang haojian.zhuang at linaro.org
Wed Aug 28 09:10:47 EDT 2013

 1. Clean code in DTS file according to Olof's comments.
 2. Since debug ll patch is going through Russell's tree, remove it
 from this patch set.

 1. Drop to support CLK_GATE_SEPERATED_REG in common clock gate driver.
 Support this feature in hi3xxx clock driver.
 2. Clean unnecessary device node in DTS.
 3. Define all clocks in hi3620-clk.dtsi. And all clock nodes are defined
 in the clocks node.
 4. Fix the clock gate & clock mux for timer.
 5. Rename timer0~4 to dual_timer0~4 in DTS file. It's used to make
 name clearer.

 1. Add hi3xxx_defconfig.
 2. Use reg property in clock node.
 3. Drop origin clock divider table.
 4. Reuse clock divider register helper.
 5. Reuse clock gate register helper.
 6. Append CLK_GATE_SEPERATED_REG flag in order to support Hisilicon
    Hi3620 SoC.
 7. Rebase DEBUG_LL for Hi3xxx.
 8. Add more clock node in DTS file.

 1. Remove hisilicon string from properties in clock driver.
 2. Replace array by pointer in clock driver. Since only sctrl parent
    node exists at this time.

 1. Remove HIWORD clk patches since they're merged into clk git tree.
 2. Set hisilicon,clk-reset property of clkgate node is optional.
 3. Update on commandline args in DTS file. Remove earlyprintk, mem, nfs.
 4. Move gpio-keys out of amba node in DTS file.

 1. Add clk gate with HIWORD mask for Rockchip.
 2. Update comments and code of HIWORD flags for mux/divider.
 3. Append a mux without HIWORD mask in Hisilicon 3620.
 4. Fix the pinmux setting in Hi4511.

 1. Use clk_register_mux_table().

 1. Reuse mux & divider driver. So append CLK_MUX_HIWORD_MASK &
 2. Fix system timer running too fast because wrong divider is choosen.
 3. Remove .init_irq in DT machine descriptor.

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