[PATCH v2] ARM: EDMA: Fix clearing of unused list for DT DMA resources

Sekhar Nori nsekhar at ti.com
Mon Aug 26 15:34:25 EDT 2013

On 8/26/2013 10:22 PM, Joel Fernandes wrote:
> On 08/26/2013 05:46 AM, Sekhar Nori wrote:
>> On Saturday 24 August 2013 01:23 AM, Joel Fernandes wrote:
>>> HWMOD removal for MMC and Crypto is breaking edma_start as the events are
>>> being manually triggered due to unused channel list not being clear. Atleast
>>> breakage has been seen on these peripherals, but it is expected Audio (McASP)
>>> maybe breaking too.
>>> This patch fixes the issue, by reading the "dmas" property from the DT node if
>>> it exists and clearing the bits in the unused channel list so that these channels
>>> are not manually triggered.
>>> v2 changes:
>>> Reduced indendation by returning from if block.
>> Is this a v2 or v3 since you already sent a v2 about a month back?
> No, there aren't any changes since v2, I just resubmitted the same patch.

Heh, it does seem to contain some indentation changes per your
documentation :)

>>> Reviewed-by: Sekhar Nori <nsekhar at ti.com>
>>> Reported-by: Balaji T K <balajitk at ti.com>
>>> Cc: Pantel Antoniou <panto at antoniou-consulting.com>
>>> Signed-off-by: Joel Fernandes <joelf at ti.com>
>>> ---
>>> Note:
>>> Patch should go in for -rc cycle as it fixes existing crypto drivers.
>> We agreed the patch is not needed in -rc cycle since there are no
>> current EDMA users in DT-boot?
> There is now, crypto and EDMA DT patches are being merged in.

They are being merged in v3.12, right? So you meant the -rc cycle of
v3.12? If yes, no need to wait for a broken v3.12-rc1 to come out. It is
possible to queue fixes during merge window too.


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