[PATCH 21/33] clk: ux500: Add Device Tree support for the PRCC Kernel clock

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Sat Aug 24 04:00:01 EDT 2013

On Friday 23 August 2013, Linus Walleij wrote:
> I think this is perfectly realistic.
> You're not going to duplicate each clk_register_clkdev(),
> which makes it way smaller than the original function,
> and since one of the function will be inside a
> #ifdef CONFIG_OF
> #endif
> After we switch the entire platform to DT-only it will be pretty
> obvious which big chunk of code that needs to go away, it's
> a clean cut.
> (Note: I know the #ifdef CONFIG_OF is not necessary anymore
> since we switched to multiplatform, but I intend that marker for
> humans, not machines.)

You just reminded me that I'm still sitting on this old patch
to add lots of #ifdef CONFIG_ATAGS to ux500 in the places that need
to get cut out. I don't think I'm able to update that patch at
the moment, but I can send you the old version I have if you
are interested.


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