[PATCH] misc: (at24) move header to linux/platform_data/

Vivien Didelot vivien.didelot at savoirfairelinux.com
Fri Aug 23 15:19:47 EDT 2013

Wolfram wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 02:38:20PM -0400, Vivien Didelot wrote:
> > This patch moves the at24.h header from include/linux/i2c to
> > include/linux/platform_data and updates existing support
> > accordingly.
> This message explains what the patch does but not why the change is
> wanted. I'd be surprised if we really want *all* platform_data in one
> single directory?

IMHO it makes sense. Why wouldn't we want all platform_data in

> Is this patch part of a bigger series?

> That being said i2c is not the best place for this include, in deed...
I agree.


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