[PATCH v9 04/16] iommu/exynos: allocate lv2 page table from own slab

Cho KyongHo pullip.cho at samsung.com
Fri Aug 16 07:17:49 EDT 2013

On Wed, 14 Aug 2013 12:56:16 +0200, 'Joerg Roedel' wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 09, 2013 at 09:55:30AM +0200, Tomasz Figa wrote:
> > Oh, this is a valid point, but it was more a nitpick about the coding 
> > style. Single path error handling (with goto) is widely used in the kernel 
> > in cases when more than one thing has to be undone and so I suggested this 
> > method of error handling here as well.
> I agree with that review from Tomasz, the error-handling should look
> similar to all the other places in the kernel and use goto.


> 	Joerg

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