[PATCH 2/4] clk: exynos-audss: allow input clocks to be specified in device tree

Andrew Bresticker abrestic at chromium.org
Wed Aug 14 16:11:18 EDT 2013

Hi Tomasz,

> Well, this is basically how it should be done, but in current state of
> clock core I can see a problem: can we really rely on the order of clock
> initialization? I mean, we can't defer initialization of particular clock
> controller until all external clocks it needs are available, because there
> is no probing involved here.

Right, we can't.  The reason I added the device-tree lookup of input
clocks was because Exynos5420 has different names for several of the
input clocks to the audio block.  We already need a separate
compatibility string because of the ADMA clock, so we could just use
that to determine the parent clock names.  It's not ideal, but it's a
workaround for the initialization order issue.  Thoughts?


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