arm-soc: Xilinx Zynq DT changes for v3.12

Kevin Hilman khilman at
Wed Aug 14 11:20:17 EDT 2013

Olof Johansson <olof at> writes:

> On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 10:50 PM, Michal Simek <monstr at> wrote:
>> I wasn't aware about using earlier -rc. The last information I got
>> is that these trees should be based on Linux -rc (or tagged if you like) version.
>> I will keep this in my mind and will use earlier versions in the next pull requests.
> Yes, the request to not always go with the latest -rc is new for this
> release cycle, so we're generally not pushing back and enforcing it,
> just asking nicely :)
> However, since Kevin just got up to speed at the same time, he might
> have been of the impression that it's something we've been asking for
> in the past. :)
> The reason for asking is that if we keep getting new and different
> -rcs as bases for merge requests, the history starts to look like a
> lot of merge-backs from upstream, when there's rarely a real need for
> being based on such a new -rc.  Still, it's not a big deal, and we've
> been doing it that way now for a couple of years, but I think we could
> avoid some of it without causing anyone more work (once they're used
> to it :).
>> It is just one single patch and I believe you have to use rc5
>> and resolve that all conflicts anyway that's why it is just question
>> of time when you have to deal with it.
> Ah, I saw that there was a branch included from the zynq tree and
> figured this was in it. I'll let Kevin handle the merge so it's up to
> him if he prefers to rebase back or just merge it in with -rc5.

I'll take care of the merge with -rc5 this time.


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