[GIT PULL] pxa dt binding for v3.12

Kevin Hilman khilman at linaro.org
Tue Aug 13 19:16:38 EDT 2013

Haojian Zhuang <haojian.zhuang at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Olof & Arnd,

I'm also helping out with arm-soc maintenance now.  In the future,
please be sure to Cc arm at kernel.org on pull requests for ease of
filtering, so we don't miss anything.

> Here's the pull request from pxa git tree.

Pulled into next/dt.

In the future, it makes things simpler for us if you base on older -rc
releases wherever possible (c.f. similar request by Olof[1].)  In this
case, it was trivial for me to rebase it onto -rc1 so I've done that
before applying.



[1] http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-arm-kernel/2013-August/189115.html

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