[PATCHv3 0/9] ARM: OMAP2+: AM33XX: Add suspend-resume support

Dave Gerlach d-gerlach at ti.com
Mon Aug 12 14:59:11 EDT 2013

On 08/11/2013 06:53 AM, Daniel Mack wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks a lot for your work on this.
> On 06.08.2013 19:49, Dave Gerlach wrote:
>> This is the third version of the patch series for adding basic suspend-resume
>> support for AM33XX, previously submitted by Vaibhav Bedia. This patchset
>> is based on 3.11-rc4 and depends on a forthcoming patchset from Suman Anna
>> that adds mailbox support for the wkup_m3. The patches at [1], [2], and [3] are
>> required for the pm code to properly suspend and resume.
> I applied your set and the one from Suman Anna, and with musb disabled
> and the firmware built from the sources you referenced, I'm able to put
> a custom AM33xx based board to suspend.
> The problem I currently face is that I can't make the board resume, as
> neither UART0 nor GPIO0 seem to work as wakeup source.

Did you apply the other patches that are mentioned besides Suman's 
series? The board will hang while suspending without these.

> Which wakeup source did you use in your tests?

Most of my verification was done with UART wakeup.

> Thanks,
> Daniel

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