[RESEND PATCH 1/2] ARM: dts: Change dw-apb-timer-osc and dw-apb-timer-sp to just dw-apb-timer

Pavel Machek pavel at denx.de
Thu Aug 8 17:01:08 EDT 2013

On Thu 2013-08-08 14:17:46, Stephen Warren wrote:
> On 08/05/2013 04:02 PM, dinguyen at altera.com wrote:
> > From: Dinh Nguyen <dinguyen at altera.com>
> > 
> > "dw-apb-timer-osc" and "dw-apb-timer-sp" are the same implementation of the
> > DW APB timer, just fed by different clocks.
> I assume patch 1/1 made similar changes to the driver?
> > diff --git a/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/rtc/dw-apb.txt b/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/rtc/dw-apb.txt
> >  Required properties:
> > -- compatible: "snps,dw-apb-timer-sp" or "snps,dw-apb-timer-osc"
> > +- compatible: "snps,dw-apb-timer"
> This change is problematic w.r.t device tree as an ABI. any DT that uses
> the new value "snps,dw-apb-timer" will not work with older software that
> was written to expect the old values.

I'm pretty sure there's no such software out there. Actually, I don't
think timers ever worked properly on any mainline kernels.

So I believe we can still fix it the right way... it is same hardware
with different labels after all.

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