[PATCH 1/5] clk: tegra: Correct sbc mux width & parent

Mark Zhang markz at nvidia.com
Wed Aug 7 21:26:16 EDT 2013

On 08/08/2013 12:56 AM, Stephen Warren wrote:
> On 08/07/2013 05:25 AM, Mark Zhang wrote:
>> T114 sbc1-sbc6 have more possible parent clocks than t30.
>> So correct the parents and mux width for them.
> s/T114/Tegra114/ s/t30/Tegra30/

Got it.

>> diff --git a/drivers/clk/tegra/clk-tegra114.c b/drivers/clk/tegra/clk-tegra114.c
>> -	TEGRA_INIT_DATA_MUX("sbc1", NULL, "tegra11-spi.0", mux_pllp_pllc_pllm_clkm, CLK_SOURCE_SBC1, 41, &periph_h_regs, TEGRA_PERIPH_ON_APB, sbc1),
> ...
>> +	TEGRA_INIT_DATA_MUX8("sbc1", NULL, "tegra11-spi.0", mux_pllp_pllc2_c_c3_pllm_clkm, CLK_SOURCE_SBC1, 41, &periph_h_regs, TEGRA_PERIPH_ON_APB, sbc1),
> This isn't a comment on this patch, but sometime later, can we remove
> those device names from these entries? They're wrong on many different
> levels, and shouldn't be required now that all our devices get clocks
> from DT.

Correct. Actually they're useless if all drivers get their clocks via
DT. Just as you said, we can do it later and will rewrite all clock
declarations at that time.

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