[RFC 2/4] ARM: OMAP: PM: Get rid of Powerdomain book-keeping from cpuidle

Rajendra Nayak rnayak at ti.com
Fri Jul 27 03:43:23 EDT 2012

Hi Tero,

On Friday 27 July 2012 12:16 PM, Rajendra Nayak wrote:
> However a quick test with just your latest usecounting series (without
> any of my RFC patches) seems to make me think I am still missing
> something.
> If you see the counts below for usbhost and dss, they both seem to
> go in and out of RET with every MPU transition. Which means the
> dependencies are still set.
> # cat /debug/pm_debug/count
> usbhost_pwrdm
> core_pwrdm
> per_pwrdm (ON),OFF:0,RET:0,INA:0,ON:1,RET-LOGIC-OFF:0,RET-MEMBANK1-OFF:0
> dss_pwrdm
> neon_pwrdm (ON),OFF:0,RET:132,INA:6,ON:139,RET-LOGIC-OFF:0
> mpu_pwrdm
> iva2_pwrdm
> However if I look at the dss registers, I don;t see any fclks are
> enabled.
> # ./readmem 0x48004E00
> 0x00000000 <- All FCLK disabled.
> # ./readmem 0x48004E10
> 0x00000001 <- ICLK enabled
> # ./readmem 0x48004E44
> 0x00000006 <- dependencies are set with MPU and IVA
> # ./readmem 0x48004E48
> 0x00000003 <- clkdm is under HWSUP.
> Any idea why this could be happening?

I think I know what the problem is now.

omap3_pm_init calls clkdm_allow_idle for all clkdms, while autoidle on
all iclks is still disabled. This causes autodeps to be set as the iclks
are accounted for in the usecount.
(hwmod would have done a clk_enable() on the iclks and left them enabled
as OCPIF_SWSUP_IDLE isn't set)

static void omap3_clkdm_allow_idle(struct clockdomain *clkdm)
         if (atomic_read(&clkdm->usecount) > 0)


A little later after omap3_pm_init, we enable autoidle for all iclks.
omap2_clkt_iclk_allow_idle decrements the usecount, but leaves the
autodeps still set.

This seems to be causing the dss and usb to also transition along with

We will need some way to also clear and set autodeps in


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