[GIT PULL] ARM: OMAP2+: miscellaneous PRCM & hwmod patches for 3.6

Shilimkar, Santosh santosh.shilimkar at ti.com
Fri Jul 6 04:27:15 EDT 2012

On Fri, Jul 6, 2012 at 1:39 PM, Tony Lindgren <tony at atomide.com> wrote:
> * Shilimkar, Santosh <santosh.shilimkar at ti.com> [120705 04:26]:
>> Looks like the merge has not happened correctly.
>> I see from the commit log that, you had a merge conflict in omap_hwmod.c
>> and probably while resolving that the below change got missed.
>> Tarun Kanti DebBarma (1):
>>       ARM: OMAP2+: hwmod: add omap_hwmod_get_main_clk() API
>> So I tried pulling Paul's branch again on "cleanup-part2" at commit 8cb8de5d87
>> and it got merged without any conflicts.
>> Do you want to re-merge Paul's series in cleanup-part2 or re-apply the above
>> patch ?
> Hmm weird, I wonder how I managed to mess up the resolve like that..
> I'll (re)apply the following fix as the branch has been pushed out already.
Sounds good to me. Can you update the barcnh please ?
I don't see that patch yet in cleanup-part2.


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