a question about cspi dma on i.mx31

csutfirst csutfirst at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 21:25:17 EDT 2012

HI, All,
If it's not correct to ask a question by this way, pls execuse me.

We are developing a system based on i.mx31, and the software is based on
linux 2.6.28 released by freescale.
In our system, the cspi port is configured as a slave port, 32bit mode. As
the released source code does not
support CSPI DMA., we re-write a linux driver to make it work. The driver
do work ,but we get the big-endian
data.That is ,in the master  data 0x44332211 was sent,but we get 0x11223344
in our dma callback. I don't know
whether if the i.mx31 can fix the byte-order.
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