[PATCH] ARM: OMAP: serial: Fix the ocp smart idlemode handling bug

Paul Walmsley paul at pwsan.com
Tue Apr 17 14:43:14 EDT 2012

On Fri, 13 Apr 2012, Santosh Shilimkar wrote:

> The current serial UART code, while fidling with ocp idlemode bits,
> forget about the smart idle wakeup bit even if it is supported by
> UART IP block. This will lead to missing the module wakeup on OMAP's
> where the smart idle wakeup is supported.
> This was the root cause of the console sluggishness issue, I have been
> observing on OMAP4 devices and also can be potential reason for some
> other UART wakeup issues.
> Signed-off-by: Santosh Shilimkar <santosh.shilimkar at ti.com>
> Cc: Govindraj.R <govindraj.raja at ti.com>
> Cc: Kevin Hilman <khilman at ti.com>
> Cc: Paul Walmsley <paul at pwsan.com>

Reviewed-by: Paul Walmsley <paul at pwsan.com>

Of course, in the long term, these idlemode tweaking functions need to go 
through some kind of omap_bus/omap_device abstraction, since platform_data 
function pointers are going away with the DT conversion.  But since a 
decent omap_bus/omap_device is still a ways off, this is an important 
interim step.

- Paul

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