[RFC PATCH 0/8] MXS: Add i.MX28 USB Host driver

Heikki Krogerus heikki.krogerus at linux.intel.com
Tue Apr 17 08:36:34 EDT 2012

Hi guys,

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 01:29:10PM +0200, Sascha Hauer wrote:
> Your patches won't work when more than one USB port is enabled because
> of the singular usb transceiver present in the kernel. That of course is
> not your fault. I think Heikki (Added to Cc) is working on this issue,
> but I don't know the status here.

No I'm not working on multi PHY support. At one point I was thinking
about introducing a very basic support for it but it would not have
been enough for USB3 and OMAP4. I believe Kishon has been working on
this. Kishon?


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