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Ryan Mallon ryan at
Mon Jan 31 21:10:07 EST 2011

On 02/01/2011 02:51 PM, Martin Guy wrote:
> You, and only you, keep declaring it dead, but I find it useful to have
> a place for issues specific to that chip range and its
> idiosyncracies.Few have the tenacity to follow linux-arm!

I'm lucky if I receive one email per month on the Cirrus list. The last
email on the cirrus list prior to this current discussion is from July
2010! The Cirrus list was more useful back when Cirrus Logic were
actually still making the EP93xx and when their kernel was more useful
than the mainline.

The EP93xx does not have enough development going on to warrant its own
list any more. Even more annoying is when discussions and patches get
carried out _only_ on the Linux Cirrus list. At least Cc the
linux-arm-kernel list, especially when discussing patches.

> If it were truly dead, you would unsubscribe, as it is we are all very
> happy and content that you continue to be interedted in the ep93xx
> range. Thanks for all your great hacks & long live!

I stay subscribed because I am listed as one of the maintainers for the
EP93xx and because people continue to post to the cirrus list and not Cc
either myself, Hartley or the linux-arm-kernel list (which is the
mailing list specified in the MAINTAINERS file) :-/.


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