[PATCH] ep93xx: add framebuffer support to edb93xx boards

Martin Guy martinwguy at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 00:28:32 EST 2011

On 7 January 2011 23:38, H Hartley Sweeten <hartleys at visionengravers.com> wrote:
> The ep9307, ep9312, and ep9315 variants of the ep93xx processor include the
> raster engine needed for framebuffer support.
> This allows the EDB93xx boards with those processors to use the framebuffer
> driver.
> Tested on an EDB9307A with the following kernel parameters:
>        video=640x480-16 at 60
>        video=1024x768-16 at 60

Hi. Sorry, I've been out of action for personal reasons.

I don't have an edb to test this, but suggest you compare with the
simone.c board file, which has similar code to enable the fb.
Compared to the mainline code in 2.6.36, I use just one patch, which
defines the working video modes. I attach it for reference.

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