[PATCH] OMAP3: PM: fix save secure RAM to restore MPU power state

Kevin Hilman khilman at ti.com
Wed Jan 26 15:48:44 EST 2011

Hi Tero,

<Tero.Kristo at nokia.com> writes:

>>Currently, on HS/EMU devices, MPU power state forced to on during PM
>>init by the save secure RAM code.  Rather than forcing the state of
>>MPU powerdomain to on, simply read the current value and restore it
>>after the ROM code has run.
>>This only affects the !CPUidle case since when CPUidle is enabled, the
>>MPU power state is dynamically changed by CPUidle.  In the !CPUidle
>>case, MPU power state is initialized once at init and never touched.
>>Cc: Tero Kristo <tero.kristo at nokia.com>
>>Signed-off-by: Kevin Hilman <khilman at ti.com>
>>If no objectsions, will be queued in my pm-fixes branch for 2.6.38-rc.
> Looks good to me. Ack, if you need one.

Thanks, I was looking for your ack.


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