SDMA on imx35

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Hi Alexander,

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>I'm currently fiddling on SDMA support for the uart driver on my imx35 rev2.
>TX is working great, no problems so far. But on RX I never get the SDMA
>interrupt that the request has been processed.
>So I'm wondering if the UART-DMS-Script in ROM is actually working. Has
>anybody get this to work (doesn't matter if linux-2.6 from git or kernel from

I'm also looking at enabling SDMA support for the imx-uart on MX51. Should be the same driver. Unfortunately, I'm not at your stage of _working_ yet, so I can't comment on your RX problem. I know that internally, we haven't had any issue with RX on uart with SDMA, but FSL's SDMA implementation is quite different(part of my problem is taking the time to understand how to use dmaengine) from 

Do you have a patch to share?



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