[PATCH 0/5] davinci: da850: clean up pinmux arrays in da850.c

Sergei Shtylyov sshtylyov at mvista.com
Tue Jan 18 06:41:13 EST 2011


On 18-01-2011 7:40, Rajashekhara, Sudhakar wrote:

> I was testing Audio with 2.6.37 on DA850 from Kevin Hilman Linux tree
> at [1] and found that audio is broken. Below patch fixes the issue.

> ---
> From: Rajashekhara, Sudhakar<sudhakar.raj at ti.com>

> davinci: fixes for audio on da850/omap-l138/am18x
> On DA850/OMAP-L138/AM18x, AIC3x codec is at 0x18 slave address.
> But in sound/soc/davinci/davinci-evm.c file, "struct snd_soc_dai_link"
> has the wrong AIC3x codec slave address. This patch fixes this issue.

> Also, this patch registers the platform device for davinci-pcm-audio.

    Shouldn't this be 2 patches? I don't see a connection between the changes.

> Signed-off-by: Rajashekhara, Sudhakar<sudhakar.raj at ti.com>

WBR, Sergei

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