cannot fetch arm git tree

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at
Sun Jan 16 04:23:15 EST 2011

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 10:28:55AM +0800, Jello huang wrote:
> Dear Russell,
> when i use git fetch,there arm some wrong with it.
> jello at jello-laptop:~/git/russell/linux-2.6-arm$git pull
> error: Unable to find 89e4d4b145bb7e73b4c45671a84b401a5d8694c1 under
> Cannot obtain needed blob 89e4d4b145bb7e73b4c45671a84b401a5d8694c1
> while processing commit eda2e5dcc914b4d70f665443efc9780e89a5e5c1.
> error: Fetch failed.
> What is the wrong?

No idea.  The tree has the object file in one of its pack files:

| rmk at ZenIV:[linux-2.6-arm.git]:<1020> GIT_DIR=. git cat-file -p 89e4d4b145bb7e73b4c45671a84b401a5d8694c1|head
|         List of maintainers and how to submit kernel changes
| Please try to follow the guidelines below.  This will make things
| easier on the maintainers.  Not all of these guidelines matter for every
| trivial patch so apply some common sense.

and the pack info file lists all the pack files.  Maybe you have a hash
collision on a pack file with your repository?

I suggest you do as I've always recommended: make sure your tree is up to
date with Linus' tree before fetching my tree.  That way you avoid the
unnecessary download of large pack files.

> I have found the discussion linux-next: manual merge of
> the arm tree with the arm-current
> tree<>
> with
> Uwe.But there is also Puzzled with me now.

How so?

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