[PATCH V3 25/63 resend] Newly erased page read workaround

viresh kumar viresh.kumar at st.com
Fri Jan 14 00:21:38 EST 2011

On 12/20/2010 02:49 PM, Viresh KUMAR wrote:
> From: Vipin Kumar <vipin.kumar at st.com>
> A newly erased page contains ff in data as well as spare area. While reading an
> erased page, the read out ecc from spare area does not match the ecc generated
> by fsmc ecc hardware accelarator. This is because ecc of data ff ff is not ff
> ff. This leads to errors when jffs2 fs erases and reads back the pages to
> ensure consistency.
> This patch adds a software workaround to ensure that the ecc check is not
> performed for erased pages. An erased page is checked by checking data as ff ff.


Does this patch looks fine to you??


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