ARM: relocation out of range (when loading a module)

Alexander Holler holler at
Thu Jan 13 09:36:02 EST 2011

Am 13.01.2011 11:04, schrieb Russell King - ARM Linux:

>> At least I like that feature since it is available and won't miss it now. ;)
> The feature isn't available if it doesn't work.  It's not going to get
> fixed for 2.6.38 - it'll be 2.6.39 due to the timing and complexity of
> the problem.

I just wanted to express that I like that feature a lot and I didn't 
wanted to ask for a quick fix nor did I wanted to make pressure.

I've tried a the patch from Rabin Vincent (along with an alignment) and 
it works. It might not be the best solution and I certainly waste some 
memory (no free), but I don't care.



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