[PATCH 4/5 v4] msm: convert 7x30 to gpiomux.

Daniel Walker dwalker at codeaurora.org
Mon Jan 10 12:33:30 EST 2011

On Sun, 2011-01-09 at 14:53 -0800, Dima Zavin wrote:
> Greg,
> Just rebased on top of 2.6.37 and this patch is totally the wrong way
> to go about this.
> I should have commented at the appropriate time, so sorry for the late reply.
> Having this  msm_gpiomux_configs be always compiled in for all msm7x30
> devices makes this entire system completely inflexible since you have
> to modify common code to provide board specific initialization. The
> definition of "msm_gpiomux_configs" belongs in the board file, not in
> gpiomux-7x30.c. I think we need to delete this new file and move the
> definition back into board-msm7x30.c, but just use the new gpiomux
> APIs.
> I can provide a patch if you like.

I would just provide the patch .. It would be easier to understand what
your talking about.



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