linux-next: omap2plus_defconfig not building

Tony Lindgren tony at
Thu Jan 6 22:59:35 EST 2011

* Tony Lindgren <tony at> [101223 13:12]:
> * Russell King - ARM Linux <linux at> [101223 12:30]:
> > 
> > It's also queued for 2.6.38, but there is an issue with the latest gcc
> > stuffing a .armv7 directive (or whatever) at the beginning of its
> > output, thereby overriding the -Wa,-march=armv7-a on the command line.
> > I think someone's looking at fixing GCC.
> > 
> > This stuff _is_ in linux-next, and has been in linux-next for ages.
> Yes, but that's a different patch :) Sorry I should have provided a link
> for the one I'm talking about, it's the patch that changes the options
> for SWP_EMULATE to have "depends on CPU_V7 && !CPU_V6":
> That's still needed until we have the assembly in a separate .S file,
> or have the GCC options changed.

I'll queue Catalin's patch as I need it for omap2plus_defconfig to
build. Let me if you want to take it and I'll drop it.



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