[RFC] Kbuild: allow code re-use across different directories

Cong Wang amwang at redhat.com
Mon Aug 22 04:42:48 EDT 2011

于 2011年08月20日 08:37, Arnaud Lacombe 写道:
> Hi folks,
> The attached patch modify Kbuild to allow to directly re-use code in multiple
> directory without having to go through a copy. Technically, it changes Kbuild to
> use by default the VPATH feature of GNU make and provides accessors for Makefile
> to change it indirectly.
> With the attached patch, we would do:
> arch/foo/boot/Makefile:
> LDFLAGS_fancy.o := -DPANTS=30
> obj-y += fancy.o
> vpath-y += $(srctree)/arch/foo/lib
> and let GNU make do the job.

Just note that don't forget to update Documentation/kbuild/makefiles.txt. ;)


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