[PATCH v2] otg/ulpi.c : fix register write

Igor Grinberg grinberg at compulab.co.il
Sun Jun 27 03:42:01 EDT 2010

On 06/24/10 17:37, Eric Bénard wrote:
> Le 24/06/2010 16:04, Igor Grinberg a écrit :
>> ulpi_set_flags is used to set the OTG flags and not to clear them,
>> also it is a static function and is not a part of struct
>> otg_transceiver,
>> so it cannot be called from outside the ulpi.c, thus after the
>> ulpi_create,
>> it is never called.
>> I think, currently, this should stay as it is.
> OK, the problem that when one flag is set, you can't clear it without
> resetting the PHY.

This is correct, but current ulpi driver is not designed for writing
multiple times
into the ULPI_OTG_CTRL register, only once when ulpi_init function is
Do you call the ulpi_init function for a couple of times? Looks like a hack.

> Eric


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