map_vm_area() correct dcache cleaning on ARMv7?

Bahadir Balban bahadir at
Mon Jun 14 15:00:43 EDT 2010

I am looking at the path map_vm_area() takes with regard to cache
maintenance on ARMv7. It is not how I anticipated. map_vm_area() calls
vmap_pte_range() which has:

1. pte_alloc_one_kernel(), __get_free_page(): allocate pages for 2nd
level table.

2. clean_dcache_area(): clean data cache for pages allocated in (1)
conditionally if tlb cannot fetch from 1st level dcache.

3. __pmd_populate(): Set 1st level entries to point at 2nd level.

4. flush_pmd_entry(): Clean the dcache for 1st to 2nd
level pointer set in (3), conditionally if TLB needs it.

5. set_pte_ext(): Set each 2nd level entry to pages.

6. set_pte_ext(): Unconditionally clean the dcache for 2nd level to
page pointer set up in (5).

My remarks:
I would expect (2) to not exist at all, since we don't know if there is
any page table data in those newly allocated pages. How is this useful?

I would expect (6) to be doing what (2) and (4) is doing, e.g. only
conditionally clean the dcache in case tlb cannot fetch from L1. Am I
missing something?


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