[PATCH] mx25: set GPT clock source to PER

Sascha Hauer s.hauer at pengutronix.de
Wed Jul 7 06:28:45 EDT 2010

On Wed, Jul 07, 2010 at 11:00:13AM +0300, Baruch Siach wrote:
> > 
> > Tell the timer code which clock to use with an argument to
> > mxc_timer_init() and add the missing clocks to the clock.c file. You
> > also have to pass this argument through from the board to
> > mx25_clocks_init(). That's a lot of work and in the end we still do not
> > know why some i.MX25 variants need the peripheral clock and others need
> > the ipg clock. So what I really suggest is that you invest some
> > research to find the source of this strangeness.
> OK. I think I've nailed it down. The CCM MCR register was initialized 
> differently.  
> On the PDK I use the factory installed RedBoot bootloader. RedBoot leaves the 
> PER CLK MUX field at its default state, that is, MCR[15:0] = 0.
> On our target board I use a port of Barebox based on the built-in PDK support.  
> The board_init_lowlevel routine of the PDK platform code includes the 
> following line:
>     writel(0x0000FEFF, IMX_CCM_BASE + MX25_CCM_MCR)
> This makes MCR[15:0] = 0xfeff. Commenting out this line makes both boards 
> behave the same way. The timer clock runs correctly with or without setting 
> the V2_TCTL_CLK_PER bit.  Reverting faed406, however, breaks both boards.
> So, I thing we should keep faed406. You may also consider applying this patch 
> setting V2_TCTL_CLK_PER, For the reason Rob Herring has stated.

I made some tests on a custom i.MX25 board using barebox (no kernel

CCM_MCR		GPT_TCTL[8:6]	get_gpt_clk returns	result
1. 0xfeff	1 (ipgclk)	ipgclk (66.5MHz)	works
2. 0x0		1 (ipgclk)	ipgclk (66.5MHz)	works
3. 0xfeff	2 (perclk)	perclk5 (8.87MHz)	works
4. 0x0		2 (perclk)	perclk5 (16MHz)		works
5. 0x0		1 (ipgclk)	perclk5 (16MHz)		does not work

1 and 2 work because the MCR value only affects perclk, but not ipgclk.
3 and 4 work after I adjusted the per_clk5 divider so that the resulting
clock is < ipgclk / 4. That seems to be what Martin stated.
5 does not work because the timer runs at ipgclk but the clock code
returns per_clk5. This is exactly what the kernel currently does and
it's imho wrong.
reverting faed406 would mean switching to 1 or 2 which should both work.

We may switch to use perclk in the gpt later, but this would require
adjusting the other i.MXs aswell. I'm not convinced this is a good idea
though because currently we have a timer resolution of 1/66.5MHz, we
would go to at least 1/4 of this when using perclk.

I found the following patch in our repository which I forgot to post and
push upstream. Currenty the kernel returns wrong rates for the perclks
when the corresponding CCM_MCR bit is cleared. I hope this patch clears
some confusion instead of adding more...

commit 98901d5f62de56d87d3a31e46ebe9624edeac62b
Author: Sascha Hauer <s.hauer at pengutronix.de>
Date:   Mon Sep 14 09:01:13 2009 +0200

    mx25 clock: Peripheral parent clock is ahb, not ipg
    Signed-off-by: Sascha Hauer <s.hauer at pengutronix.de>

diff --git a/arch/arm/mach-mx25/clock.c b/arch/arm/mach-mx25/clock.c
index 7d8bca5..cb58b32 100644
--- a/arch/arm/mach-mx25/clock.c
+++ b/arch/arm/mach-mx25/clock.c
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ static unsigned long get_rate_per(int per)
 	if (readl(CRM_BASE + 0x64) & (1 << per))
 		fref = get_rate_upll();
-		fref = get_rate_ipg(NULL);
+		fref = get_rate_ahb(NULL);
 	return fref / (val + 1);

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