Announcing s3c64xx XWindows fbdrv w/ XAA+XVideo+HWcursor

Ben Dooks ben at
Thu Sep 24 17:09:58 EDT 2009

On Thu, Sep 24, 2009 at 01:42:20PM -0400, David F. Carlson wrote:
> S3C6410 based Xwindows fbdev with
>    o  XAA accelerated fills, lines, expands, blits, offscreen pixmaps/stipples
>    o  Alpha-blended HWCursor 
>    o  XVideo Support (using the Samsung Post-Processor colorspace driver)
>    o  Tested with the Maemo Mer kernel because...
> This is not as off topic as it might seem...
> The XWindows subsystem needs help from the kernel in s3cfb "standards" 
> (support MMIO interface) and configuration (how to configure per-screen 
> offscreen memory), some scheme for accessing the Post-Processor and G2D 
> graphics support.  (And of course, gaining driver support for pp and g2d 
> including suspend/resume.)

Are the necessary changes for the s3cfb postable to the list to start
the review process for them?
> This driver is pretty much hardcoded for s3c64xx.  If kernel hooks for 
> describing configuration this driver base could be expanded to 
> support many s3c variants (with g2d and pp).

It would be good to get the discussion about these items going before
we get too much further down the development process.
> There is some discussion in the the README.
> Acknowledgements:
> The most excellent XAA base code was done by 
>    Matan Ziv-Av <matan at svgalib dot org>
> The original XVideo code was done by 
>    Jetta Tang <jetta.tang at hhcn dot com>
> The g2d and pp drivers upon which this code is based were provided by
>    Samsung Semiconductor.  Thanks.
> Time and Materials and Hosting 
>    Chronolytics Inc.  Real-Time Embedded Software
> David F. Carlson    Chronolytics, Inc.  Rochester, NY
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