Problems with pthread on ARM/PXA270

Juergen Schindele schindele at
Fri Sep 18 06:06:59 EDT 2009

Am Mittwoch, 16. September 2009 schrieb Daniel Jacobowitz:
> On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 09:26:01AM +0200, Juergen Schindele wrote:
> > Hello all,
> > we tried to implement a thread based software on our PXA270 based platform but
> > we had trouble with pthreads. So i modyfied a tiny progam to test. This little progam creates
> > 10 threads and each thread does print something (an index an a pointer to itself). 
> > 
> > On my PC with Suse 11.0 Linux (kernel 2.6.27) this works fine as supposed to.
> > Each thread has his turn and print his own values.
> > 
> > But on our pxa270 platform the thread switch does not (or really rarely) happen
> > and only one thread is printing always the same values. So i suppose thread
> > switching is not working!
> > 
> > Any hints or experiences are welcome !!!
> It's just a wild guess, but check your sched_clock implementation.  I
> fixed a similar problem in QEMU last week; the kernel used to function
> OK with sched_clock always returning zero, but some time between
> 2.6.25 and 2.6.28 became dependent on it.
sched_clock is apparently not implemented the same way in all kernel versions.
What about thread implementation in codesourcery compiler ? Are they 
"linux-threads" or "Native Posix thread library" or is it possible that there 
are important bugfixes til the version i use ???

Is my example app. correct in programming or am i doing bloody beginners mistake there ??

Thanks for your help 
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