Samsung S3C6410 mainline merge coordination

David F. Carlson dave at
Wed Sep 2 17:25:36 EDT 2009

Sorry about my long line formatting...

According to Ben Dooks:
> > === video / multimedia ===
> > * needs a lot of thought
> > * support standard mainlien architecture wherever possible
> > ** 2D accelerated framebuffer
> > ** V4L
> I am not really sure if there is any current support for using
> hardware blocks for decoding video data. I think that having some
> form of framework for doing these as well as allowing blocks to be
> chained togehter would be useful.
> Again this is something that needs to be taken up with the relevant
> community (assuming there is one) to come to a good solution.

I have source to a mplayer which uses the MFC/PP as the video codec for the 
four video encodings it supports.  A hd video with MFC decode utilizes ~30% of 
the 6410 and without the HW assist utilizes all the CPU and still drops 
frames.  This is all within Xwin using the fbdev.

This MFC/PP driver pair is useful to users now.  I am sorry they are not 
good enough for the next-s3c.

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