at91sam9260 on linux 2.6.31 with at91 patchset: UART looses bytes when receiving packets

Stefan Schoenleitner dev.c0debabe at
Sat Oct 31 10:24:43 EDT 2009

Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:

> You're not touching the iflags at all, so ixon could be set:

You're absolutely right, I forgot the iflags.
I set it to 0 now and it works ! :)

> In any case, there's a far easier way to do this - cfmakeraw().  It'll
> avoid bugs such as forgetting to set the iflags correctly.  This
> modifies the termios as.

Thanks I'll better use cfmakeraw() then.

For my code I was reading the linux serial programming howto which
unfortunately does not mention cfmakeraw().
This is the reason why I was doing it this way (and forgot to set the

> If you're also setting the baud rate, you should look at cfsetispeed() and
> cfsetospeed() as well.

This is what I was using already, it works well.

So thank you for the help and the valuable information you provided, my
code works now.


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