[PATCH 0/6] mx31moboard: patches for next merge window (V3)

Valentin Longchamp valentin.longchamp at epfl.ch
Thu Nov 19 09:35:07 EST 2009

There are 7 patches in this series, and not 6 though the title (damn 

Valentin Longchamp wrote:
> Here are the patches I would like to push during the next merge window for
> the mx31moboard platform.
> Sascha, I have seen that you already have commited last version to your
> mxc-master-pu branch, could you please update with that series ?
> It consists of a fix for a small hardware design issue for the main serial
> port, a few GPIOs used on the robots that are declared, camera support and
> finally MC13783 support as it is now getting ready.
> For MC13783, RTC should come to mainline soon and it works well.
> The camera part works for one camera. The soc_camera needs some reworking
> before we are able to support the two cameras we have on the robot
> USB host support for mx31 should make into next merge window and is now
> part of this series for the mx31moboard platform.
> Changes since v1:
> - changed the patches order
> - support for a single camera
> - corrected typos and comments from earlier version
> Changes since v2:
> - moved mx3_camera include to the correct patch (thanks Guennadi)
> - moved SPIDEV device init into marxbot file
> - added usb host support
> Val

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