[PATCH 3/6] pxa: fix pxa168 lcd controller vsync/hsync timing error

Eric Miao eric.y.miao at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 22:39:30 EST 2009

>> Could you please help double check this? My understanding is
>> FB_SYNC_VERT_HIGH_ACT means it's a positive pulse covering all the
>> valid HSYNCs, and a rising edge of VSYNC means a start of the frame.
>> However, CFG_INV_VSYNC is '1' means the opposite.
> My understanding is that high active means high level trigger new
> frame/line. Below page support my point if it is not wrong.
> http://www.arcadecollecting.com/info/Sync_fixing.txt

Tried to find the specific diagram in the spec on what CFG_INV_* means
but failed, can you help verified this with an oscilloscope and let know
the result? This is a fix then, and I'd like it to get into .32, sorry for late

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