[PATCH 0/6] mx31moboard: patches for next merge window v2

Valentin Longchamp valentin.longchamp at epfl.ch
Tue Nov 3 12:09:45 EST 2009

Here are the patches I would like to push during the next merge window for
the mx31moboard platform.

It consists of a fix for a small hardware design issue for the main serial
port, a few GPIOs used on the robots that are declared, camera support and
finally MC13783 support as it is now getting ready.

For MC13783, we need RTC as well, but it was not tested yet since it is not
in mainline yet.

The camera part works for one camera. The soc_camera needs some reworking
before we are able to support the two cameras we have on the robot

The main peripheral that we are using and that still is missing is the USB
host, but since the driver still needs a few improvements, I keep it aside
for now.

Changes since v1:
- changed the patches order
- support for a single camera
- corrected typos and comments from earlier version


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