[PATCH] PCI Domains Support

Richard Liu richardliu at ms1.techarea.org
Fri Dec 25 16:58:05 EST 2009

Simon Horman wrote:
>> Actually, most ARM platforms didn't need PCI domains.
>> So, original patch is
>> +config PCI_DOMAINS
>> +        def_bool y
>> +        depends on PCI && ARCH_CXXXXXX
>> +
>> But I removed the "&& ARCH_CXXXXXXX" before I provided the patch.
>> Because ARCH_CXXXXXXX is not exist in ARM Linux kernel now (maybe it
>> would be committed at someday)
> Ok, now I am completely confused. Nothing currently in-tree should
> use PCI_DOMAINS, but it defaults to y and nothing switches it to n?
> Perhaps the following would be more appropriate:
> config PCI_DOMAINS
>         bool
> And then platforms can "select PCI_DOMAINS" as needed.
You are right,
Don't use def_bool is right choice.

I only maintain one arch, so I didn't think too much.

Should I regenerate a new patch, or you will handle it ?

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