[PATCH] reset: Add reset controller API

Amjad Ouled-Ameur aouledameur at baylibre.com
Thu Nov 12 08:14:46 EST 2020

On 03/10/2020 01:00, Kevin Hilman wrote:
> Amjad Ouled-Ameur <aouledameur at baylibre.com> writes:
>> The current reset framework API does not allow to release what is done by
>> reset_control_reset(), IOW decrement triggered_count. Add the new
>> reset_control_resettable() call to do so.
>> When reset_control_reset() has been called once, the counter
>> triggered_count, in the reset framework, is incremented i.e the resource
>> under the reset is in-use and the reset should not be done again.
>> reset_control_resettable() would be the way to state that the resource is
>> no longer used and, that from the caller's perspective, the reset can be
>> fired again if necessary.
>> This patch will fix a usb suspend warning seen on the libretech-cc
>> related to the shared reset line. This warning was addressed by the
>> previously reverted commit 7a410953d1fb ("usb: dwc3: meson-g12a: fix shared
>> reset control use")
> Could you also send a patch that shows how your new feature can be used
> to fix the problem that was originally fixed by that patch (and still
> exists, now that it was reverted.)
> Thanks,
> Kevin

Hello Kevin,

Will do soon !



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