Subject: [RFC] clang tooling cleanups

Joe Perches joe at
Mon Nov 9 21:52:08 EST 2020

On Tue, 2020-10-27 at 09:42 -0700, trix at wrote:
> This rfc will describe
> An upcoming treewide cleanup.
> How clang tooling was used to programatically do the clean up.
> Solicit opinions on how to generally use clang tooling.
> The clang warning -Wextra-semi-stmt produces about 10k warnings.
> Reviewing these, a subset of semicolon after a switch looks safe to
> fix all the time.  An example problem
> void foo(int a) {
>      switch(a) {
>      	       case 1:
> 	       ...
>      }; <--- extra semicolon
> }
> Treewide, there are about 100 problems in 50 files for x86_64 allyesconfig.
> These fixes will be the upcoming cleanup.

coccinelle already does some of these.

For instance: scripts/coccinelle/misc/semicolon.cocci

Perhaps some tool coordination can be done here as
coccinelle/checkpatch/clang/Lindent call all be used
to do some facet or another of these cleanup issues.

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