[GIT PULL] clk: meson: updates for v4.20

Stephen Boyd sboyd at kernel.org
Mon Oct 1 10:55:45 PDT 2018

Quoting Jerome Brunet (2018-09-27 07:45:02)
> Dear clock maintainers,
> Below is a request to pull updates for Amlogic clocks.
> There is not much out of the ordinary there, except:
> - Even if we don't like it, the entire meson8b is now using
>   CLK_OF_DECLARE_DRIVER(). Previously, only the reset controller
>   part used this but it seems there is no way around it (yet) to
>   handle certain things on this SoC, such as the TWD timer.
> - We are a bit late compared to the usual schedule, sorry about that.

No worries. I'm also late this time.

Pulled into clk-next. Thanks.

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