[PATCH 00/14] arm64: dts: meson-axg: add audio support

jbrunet at baylibre.com jbrunet at baylibre.com
Wed Jul 25 14:19:05 PDT 2018

On Wed, 2018-07-25 at 21:11 +0200, Martin Blumenstingl wrote:
> nit-pick: one patch uses "arm64: dts: meson-axg: s400" in the subject
> while other patches that are touching the s400 board aren't
> if you have to re-send this series: can you please use the "arm64:
> dts: meson-axg: s400:" prefix for all patches touching the s400 board?

hum, do we really have such rule, or do you think we should add one ?
Kevin, do you have opinion ?

Not that I really mind either way, but prefixes rules are usually there to help
maintainer filter the patches. Will such rule help in any way ?

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