[PATCH 3/3] clk: meson-g12a: Add EE Clock controller driver

Kevin Hilman khilman at baylibre.com
Thu Jul 19 07:06:39 PDT 2018

Yixun Lan <yixun.lan at amlogic.com> writes:


>> As Jerome said, I think consistency is an important goal, so leaving off
>> the "meson-" for drivers/clk is fine with me.
> ok
>> Also for consistency, for the rest of the drivers, keeping "meson-" is
>> probably the right thing to do.
> ok, for the above, you are talking about the already exist compatible
> names? or the patches we will push in the future?

I'm talking about future patches.

>> However, patches would be welcome to add compatibles without the "meson"
>> for the rest of the drivers & documentation as well, but please do not
>> remove any compatibles.
> I assume you are talking about the patches in the future we will push?
> to drop the "meson".
> I'm confused here, as the above two paragraphs conflict with each other

Yeah, what I wrote is confusing, sorry about that.

What I mean is that new patches should stay consistent with compatibles
in their existing drivers/subsystems.  That means keeping the "meson-"
prefix for everything except drivers/clk.

In addition to that, patches would be welcome for *adding* compatibles
without "meson" to all the current drivers.


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