[RFC v2 7/9] bluetooth: btrtl: load the config blob from devicetree when available

Marcel Holtmann marcel at holtmann.org
Tue Jan 2 03:11:40 PST 2018

Hi Martin,

> Some Realtek bluetooth devices need a "config" blob. The btrtl driver
> currently only allows loading this config blob via the request_firmware
> mechanism.
> The UART Bluetooth chips use this config blob to specify the baudrate,
> whether flow control is used and some other unknown bits. This means
> that the config blob is board-specific - thus loading it via
> request_firmware means that the rootfs is tied to a specific board.
> The UART Bluetooth chips are implemented through serdev. This means
> there is also a devicetree node which describes the Bluetooth chip.
> Thus we can also load the blob from the devicetree node to keep the
> filesystem independent of any board configuration data. In the future
> this could be extended to support ACPI as well (in case that's needed).
> Parse the devicetree node if it exists and obtain the config blob from
> there. Otherwise fall back to using the "old" request_firmware
> mechanism.

where are these config blobs coming from? I think we also need to give people a helping hand on how to add them to DT. I still wonder if the only pieces we are using are the UART config, then maybe skipping the config blob and allowing for clear named values in DT might be better.

I might have asked before, but can we get a userspace similar to nokfw included in bluez.git that can parse and maybe even create/modify these blobs.



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