[PATCH 2/2] mmc: meson-mx-sdio: Cleanup IS_ERR() checks

Dan Carpenter dan.carpenter at oracle.com
Fri Oct 13 04:20:49 PDT 2017

Using PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO() instead of IS_ERR() works, but it's not how
you're supposed to write these conditions.

Signed-off-by: Dan Carpenter <dan.carpenter at oracle.com>
I really hope it doesn't become a trend on to wrap all error checks in a
WARN_ON() macro...

diff --git a/drivers/mmc/host/meson-mx-sdio.c b/drivers/mmc/host/meson-mx-sdio.c
index dc30ed5e964b..d0d921e0e589 100644
--- a/drivers/mmc/host/meson-mx-sdio.c
+++ b/drivers/mmc/host/meson-mx-sdio.c
@@ -602,7 +602,7 @@ static int meson_mx_mmc_register_clks(struct meson_mx_mmc_host *host)
 	host->fixed_factor_clk = devm_clk_register(host->controller_dev,
-	if (WARN_ON(PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO(host->fixed_factor_clk)))
+	if (WARN_ON(IS_ERR(host->fixed_factor_clk)))
 		return PTR_ERR(host->fixed_factor_clk);
 	clk_div_parent = __clk_get_name(host->fixed_factor_clk);
@@ -620,7 +620,7 @@ static int meson_mx_mmc_register_clks(struct meson_mx_mmc_host *host)
 	host->cfg_div_clk = devm_clk_register(host->controller_dev,
-	if (WARN_ON(PTR_ERR_OR_ZERO(host->cfg_div_clk)))
+	if (WARN_ON(IS_ERR(host->cfg_div_clk)))
 		return PTR_ERR(host->cfg_div_clk);
 	return 0;

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