[PATCH 0/3] soc: amlogic: Add Meson6/8/8b SoC Information driver

Kevin Hilman khilman at baylibre.com
Fri Oct 6 15:38:13 PDT 2017

Martin Blumenstingl <martin.blumenstingl at googlemail.com> writes:

> The 32-bit Amlogic SoC have some registers which contain some information
> the SoC's major and version, as well as a "major version".
> This patchset adds support for this register decoding and exposing with the
> SoC bus infrastructure, with dt-bindings and DT node.
> This is inspired by Neil's Meson GX socinfo driver, see [0]
> All information was taken from Amlogic's 3.10 GPL kernel sources because
> the public S805 datasheet from Hardkernel does not contain any relevant
> information for these register blocks.
> [0] http://lists.infradead.org/pipermail/linux-amlogic/2017-June/004187.html
> Martin Blumenstingl (3):
>   dt-bindings: Amlogic: add documentation for the SoC info register
>     areas

Applied to v4.15/dt

>   soc: amlogic: Add Meson6/Meson8/Meson8b/Meson8m2 SoC Information
>     driver

Applied to v4.15/drivers

>   ARM: dts: meson: add SoC information nodes

Applied to v4.15/dt



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